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Cooking skills and healthy recipe development in Hindi / English

Cooking skills and healthy recipe development in Hindi / English -Food and drink- Pasta Category article.

Quick and easy 5-ingredient pasta recipes for kids.

Have you  busy day but still need to cooking lunch and dinner for the little . These quick and easy 5-ingredient pasta recipes will save the day.

Quick but delicious pasta recipes you'll love.

Thinking of serving pasta for dinner that's easy to make yet filling? The delicious pasta recipe  are just what you are look for.

(रात के खाने के लिए पास्ता खाने की सोच रहे हैं तो पास्ता बनाना बहुत ही आसान है और स्वादिष्ट पास्ता रेसिपी वही है जो आप ढूंढ रहे हैं।)

Healthy pasta recipes that are simply amazing.

Who said you don't eat pasta . if you're  a healthy diets food. You can enjoy these healthy pasta recipes guilt-free!

(किसने कहा कि आप पास्ता नहीं खा सकते,  यदि आप एक स्वस्थ आहार भोजन करना चाहते हैं तो आप इन स्वस्थ पास्ता  स्वादिष्ट व्यंजनों का मुलरूप  आनंद ले सकते हैं।)

Awards for Shepherd's. Pie.

Cake is about presentation: appearance, smell, taste. Sometimes a baker won't disclose the ingredients used in their cake. But what's the fun in that.

Must-Try Pasta Recipes: 3 Creative Spins on Classic Spaghetti.

Everyone likes spaghetti. Adding a delicious twist to a classic dish is a must – try any of these creative spins on classic spaghetti.

Excellent Crock Pot Pasta Recipes that are perfect for the beginner cooking.

Have you just started learning to cook? Let the slow cooker help you cook these amazing crock pot pasta recipes - no one will think you're a beginner.

(क्या आपने अभी खाना बनाना सीखना शुरू किया है? तो आपको एक प्रेसर कुकर की सहायता से Crock pot पास्ता व्यंजनों को पकाने में मदद मिलेगी और कोई भी यह नहीं सोचेगा कि आप एक अभी खाना बनाना सीख रहे हैं )

The best low-calorie pasta recipes under 500 calories.


Whether you're on a diet or not, it's hard not to crave a classic dish like pasta. Read on for some guilt-free pasta recipes to try.

(आप अपने खाने में कोई भी diet ले रहे हो या नहीं, लेकिन इतना कोई मुश्किल नहीं है एक स्वादिष्ठ क्लासिक पास्ता आप बनाने की कोशिश कर सकते हैं )

3 easy pasta dishes for beginners.

Pasta is very popular food and Diet all  the world. If you've just started learning how to cook, this is one of the main dishes you need to learn.Here is a three easy pasta recipe very perfect for beginners.

पास्ता दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा लोकप्रिय खाद्य पदार्थों में से एक है। यह सस्ता होने के साथ-साथ बहुमुखी भी है और इसे कई तरह के सॉस के साथ परोसा जा सकता है। दुर्भाग्य से, वे सरल कार्बोहाइड्रेट हैं, जिसका अर्थ है कि आपका शरीर उन्हें जल्दी से तोड़ देता है और उन्हें जला देता है। वजन घटाने वाले समुदाय के बीच इसकी नकारात्मक प्रतिष्ठा रही है। हालांकि, निम्नलिखित अविश्वसनीय कारण हैं कि यह स्वादिष्ट व्यंजन आपके आहार का नियमित हिस्सा क्यों बनना चाहिए।

Low-carb versions of pasta worth trying.

When this coming to food, you can never going wrong with healthy. Try these delicious healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods.

Prawns and vegetables with pasta, capers and white wine.

This recipe is easy to make if you have frozen shrimp, vegetables, and white wine on hand. This recipe is good for leftover spaghetti or other pasta. Vegetarians can omit the prawns.

Tips on how to cook pasta well.

This is  one of the Maintenon "concerns" in the kitchen. We're talking about cooking pasta because who hasn't left it soft when I wanted to leave the macaroni al dente? Or he thought the spaghetti was soft and then needed a little more cooking.

Wood-fired pizza near Arab Street.

Visit the wood-fired pizzeria near Arab Street and enjoy Italian favourites  such as Vegetarian Red Pizza, Verdun, Carbonara, Gracchi and Capriccioso for vegetarians. But there are plenty of options for meat lovers and non-vegetarians alike when you get the cooked ham, bacon, egg, salami and beef ragu all-in-one spicy BBQ tomato sauce.

A trip to Italy is not the only place where you can enjoy high quality food.

Spaghetti and pasta often come to mind when you think of Italian-flavored food. In fact, there is much more to the dining experience that you can discover. Yes, great pasta dishes are its main part, but that is far from all that an authentic Italian restaurant can offer its patrons.

5 reasons why hosting a mobile pizzeria is the best idea.

Who says you can't serve pizza at a party? Hiring a mobile pizzeria to cater your party is actually the best idea you can think of. Here are something of the reasons why you  definitely consider servings pizz at any party .

The benefits of making pasta as a regular part of your diet.

Pasta is one of the mostly very  popular foods in the world. It is as versatile as it is cheap and can be served with a variety of sauces. Unfortunately, they are simple carbohydrates, which means your body quickly breaks them down and burns them. This is had a negative reputation amongst the weight loss community. However, the following are incredible reasons why this delicious dish should become a regular part of your diet.

The best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

When you are  looking for the best Italian restaurants in Singapore, explore popular establishment . The best options include Robertson Quays, Marina Bay Sands, Club Street and East Coast Road, where people believe every table deserves attention. They will transport you to another world and at the same time serve you in the right way.

Where to get the best pizza in Singapore?

Get the best pizza in Singapore as there are plenty of places to go for an authentic Italian tastes. Visit Bottura ,California Pizza Kitchen, the Paolo Pizza hut , Etna Italian Restaurant and House for the perfect tastes.

Professional tips on how to make a traditional German spatula at home.

Spatzle ,also known as knopfle or chnopfle noodles are a basic egg noodle that originates from the southern part of Germany in the Bavaria-Baden-Wurtemburg region, also known as Swabia. This recipe only has 4 ingredients, making it one of the easiest noodle recipes to make at home. These noodles are great chilled and stored for future use in casseroles, any pasta recipe, your imagination is your limit. My favorit versions is the traditional Swiss variation, which includes caramelized onions, herbs, and then topped with cheese and baked. You can try the recipes and let me know what you think about the recipe.

 5 Taste the most dishes in your city Local Italian restaurant.

Whenever you go out for a meal at a nearby local Italian restaurant, decide on at least five must-try dishes. The best options for your lunch or dinner might be Tortellini in Bordo, Fregola con Bottarga, Pancetta Funghi Caprino e Scalogno, Funghi Scamorza e Tartufo and Involution di Melanzane all'ortolana.

The secret recipe for Neapolitan pizza.

Neapolitan pizza is an authentic Italian delicacy prepared using the traditional method. A wood-fired oven is used for cooking, using ingredients such as San Marzano tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala .

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